PARTNER CONTENT | 7 Use this programme from the RSPCA to encourage kindness and compassion towards animals Compassionate Class IT SUPPORTS THE CURRICULUM Compassionate Class takes an interactive, discussion-based approach to develop emotional literacy and consider the welfare needs of animals. These PSHE Association accredited resources are designed to provide an exciting learning experience, as well as supporting schools in the delivery of SMSC for seven to 11-year-olds. Through a series of enquiry-led activities, children will consider what it means to be compassionate, understand the needs of different types of animals, and work collaboratively to develop empathy skills for their school lives and beyond. USE OUR FREE RESOURCES Deigned with flexibility in mind, the activities can be delivered across four to five hours of lesson time and include differentiation to ensure they are suitable for children of all abilities. Choose from sessions focusing on pets, animal heroes, wildlife or farm animals. Join the thousands of schools already using our free resources and begin planning your Compassionate Class journey ready for September. Start the year with an animal- themed bang! Teaching inWales? All of our resources are also available inWelsh. NEW RESOURCES FOR THE NEWYEAR Underwater Worlds is the brand new discovery topic for Compassionate Class 2020/21. Meet Kenny the crab and learn how plastic pollution in particular is affecting aquatic animals through our animation and supporting activities. Dive in to discover the needs of aquatic animals and better understand how human actions impact their habitats. Explore what we can do to live in harmony with these amazing aquatic creatures and recognise that although aquatic REASONS TO TRY… 30 SECOND BRIEFING Compassionate Class is part of the RSPCA’s ‘Generation Kind’ initiative, a set of programmes that aim to nurture and instil the values of kindness and compassion towards animals. In this way, we can create a future society that is truly kind to animals. animals may look very different from land animals, they can be sentient too. ENTER OUR COMPETITION Compassionate Class culminates in a creative advocacy activity, which can be entered into an annual competition to find the RSPCA’s most compassionate class. Each advocacy task challenges students to champion animal welfare in a creative and imaginative way, such as producing a film, artwork, poster, or presentation. The winning class gets a visit to an RSPCA animal centre, a year's subscription to Animal Action magazine and Compassionate Class stationery. Teachers are also invited to collect the award at the RSPCA's Honours Awards ceremony in London. EDUCATING A KINDER GENERATION The RSPCA is the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in the world. We work 365 days a year rescuing all animals from abuse, neglect, and injury. But we never forget the most important word in our name: prevention. Our vision is a society where no animal suffers unnecessarily; where thoughtfulness, care and respect are shown towards all animals. That starts with young people. Through Compassionate Class, you can help inspire the next generation of animal lovers, creating a future that's kinder to animals. KEY POINTS Contact: compassionateclass@ compassionateclass 5 1 2 3 4 5 Compassionate Class is an innovative project from the RSPCA, encouraging children to develop compassion and empathy through the lens of animal welfare. Each discovery activity starts with an exciting stimulus to encourage discussion and debate, exploring the importance of animal welfare in an imaginative way. Join our Compassionate Class community.We're here to support you with delivering the programme and inspiring the next generation of animal lovers. Knowing your pupils’ abilities, you may feel some activities require further differentiation. Compassionate Class includes alternative resources to support children with SEND.