Breaktime News | Interviews | Ideas | Resources | Research 8 | SPACE BACON Bang Goes the Theory presenter Dallas Campbell explores stories of amazing engineering in a series of short films. Topics include how astronauts eat bacon sandwiches in space and how you canmake your own rocket. Watch at home-learning EASY GRAMMAR What is the subjunctivemood? When do you use a semi-colon? Are these questions that you are afraid to ask? Cue this book! Written by experienced teachers, The Grammar Book provides everything you need to teach grammar. education JULY 3 INSTANT LESSONS... (You’re welcome) RESOURCES AUTHOR MASTERCLASS Join author Lucy Courtenay and illustrator Sheena Dempsey, creators of Mermaid School, as they talk about writing about emotions and creating character connections. Download the scheme of work and watch videos at masterclasses Make sure children’s transition between year groups, key stages and schools is as smooth as possiblewith these free resources designed to boost confidence, build relationships and share expectations. There are special packs for Reception, Y1, Y2, KS2 and Y6moving toY7. Find themall at collections/back-to-school YOUR FREE Back together Children’smental health charity Place2Be has put together a series of resources to help headteachers and school staff start to bring their schools back together following recent challenging times. The assembly and class activity ideas are intended as a universal resource for all children and have been split into four themes – self-efficacy, hope, gratitude and connectedness. Each resource draws on some of the factors that underpinwellbeing and positive psychology. Use themas a starting point to promote emotional resilience in your school. Find themat