TP-Issue14.5 | 9 I N EVERY I SSUE A new study by Wang, Rubie-Davies and Meissel, published in Social Psychology of Education, has shown that regardless of pupils’ actual achievement, teachers’ expectations of children can make a difference because these may affect how they treat the class. Teachers who had a high level of expectation relative to actual achievement referred to pupils’ prior knowledge and learning experiences more frequently, and gave more focus statements, telling children about the learning activities that would take place. They also provided more feedback to the whole class and were more likely to question further when children gave correct answers and encourage students to try again when they made mistakes. Radzi Chinyanganya Sun-Maid Craft Club presenter and former Blue Peter star What was primary school like for you? Iwent toanumber of primary schools – Iwas born inOxfordandgrewup in Wolverhampton. I really enjoyed school – mainlybreak, lunchtime andPE! Iwas always prettywell behaved, except for the fact that I talked far toomuch. What’s lockdown been like? Lockdownhas beenhumbling for us all. I lovebeingbusy andgoing to the gymand that’s all temporarily gone away.However, I’mlivingwithmymum inWolverhamptonand sheworks for theNHS, so seeingpeople likeher getwell-deserved recognitionhas beenbrilliant. Why is it important for kids to stay creative during these strange times? Oneof themost important things kids have is their imagination. In this unprecedented time it’s so important that childrenhave a creativeoutlet. That’swhy I’ve come togetherwithSun-Maid tomake theSun-MaidCraftClubandgive somethingback toyoungpeople. Itwill hopefully entertain themand inspire them to joinalong at home, aswell as giving parents time for awell-earnedcupof tea! FIND OUTMORE Sun-Maid California Raisins has launched its own craft club for kids. Watch Radzi leading four online classes at Look ahead | Book ahead CODE RED National CodingWeek takes place in September. Download a school toolkit and get involved at Bereavement training Winston’s Wish – a charity that provides bereavement support to children – is offering free online bereavement training for teachers. The virtual course draws on the charity’s many years of experience in supporting bereaved children and will help school staff to understand how grief affects a child and how they can help them to cope. The first session is an introduction to childhood bereavement, while the second focuses on some of the ways supporting adults can help. Find them at training-courses-schools * Valenture Institute Q & A High expectations ROCK & ROALD 13th September is Roald Dahl’s birthday. Celebrate the beloved author with your class by throwing a party. OF PARENTS SAY THEIRCHILDRENHAVE FELT LESS PRESSURETOLOOKACERTAIN WAYDURINGLOCKDOWN* 40 %