23 WELCOME BACK How can we reconnect with children after the enforced break? 28 LAST RESORT Excluding a pupil may make life easier, but the consequences for children are severe 30 WRITER’S BLOCK We must find time for creative writing during teacher CPD sessions 32 WHY ‘CATCH UP’ WON’T WORK Focusing solely on academic learning when pupils return is damaging 34 MONEY TALKS Six activities to teach kids about saving – from the best personal finance teachers 36 ALL ABOUT ME, ME, ME Adding the word ‘you’ to a task is a quick and free way to boost learning 39 WHAT DO THEY WANT? I’ve reviewed 100 Ofsted reports – here’s what inspectors are looking for 40 COULD IT BE DLD? What you need to know about developmental language disorder 82 DAY IN THE LIFE We follow a teacher from first alarm to lights out during lockdown… RESOURCES 22 TOPICAL TUESDAYS Keep children abreast of current affairs by using our free weekly resources 26 AUTHOR IN YOUR CLASSROOM Bring author Jamie Littler directly into your classroom via this free podcast LESSON PLANS 70 ENGLISH, GEOGRAPHY & ART 72 GEOGRAPHY 74 COMPUTING 76 MFL REVIEWS 80 PLAZOOM 81 HOPE EDUCATION HOME LEARNING KITS 44 VIRTUAL VISIT  Amid the chaos, a daily dose of online storytime can helpmake reading a habit 46 OH, THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! This Dr Seuss project is perfect for helping pupils feel hopeful about the road ahead 52 BOOK CLUB We review five new titles that will excite your class 54 HOW DO WE KNOW? Build depth in your curriculum by combining English and history 57 BOOK TOPIC UseTheVisitor to help pupils reflect on their lockdown experience EDITOR: Elaine Bennett, elaine.bennett@, 01206 505994 GROUP EDITOR: Joe Carter, joe.carter@theteachco. com, 01206 505925 HEADOF COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS: Richard Stebbing, richard.stebbing@ ADVERTISING MANAGER: Hayley Rackham, hayley.rackham@, 01206 505988 DEPUTY ADVERTISING MANAGER: Samantha Law,,   01206 505499 SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGERS: Hannah Jones, hannah.jones@, 01206 505924 Katie Harvey-Jones, katie.jones@theteachco. com,  01206 505477   ART EDITOR: Richard Allen DESIGNERS: Adam Barford, Luke Rogers & Fiona Palmer PHOTOGRAPHY: CliQQ Photography, ACCOUNTS: 01206 505995 DESIGN& REPROGRAPHICS: Ace Pre-Press 01206 508608 SUBSCRIPTIONS DEPARTMENT: Andrea Turner CUSTOMER SERVICES: 0800 904 7000 PUBLISHER: Helen Tudor DISTRIBUTED BY: Distributed by Frontline Ltd., Peterborough. Tel: 01733 555161 PUBLISHED BY: Maze Media (2000) Ltd, 25 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Rd, Colchester, Essex, CO2 8JY. Tel: 01206 505900 The views in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. Every effort is made to ensure the veracity and integrity of the companies, persons, products and services mentioned in this publication, and the details given are believed to be accurate at the time of going to press. However, no responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted for any consequence or repercussion of responding to information or advice given or inferred. Copyright Maze Media (2000) Ltd. 6 |