82 | F EATURES BACK PAGE We follow a teacher fromfirst alarm to lights out during lockdown… WAKING UP During lockdownmy alarm wasmy little girl whowakes at about 8am, but usually I get up at 5.45am, eatmy cereal while half awake, drop Ember at nursery at 7.15am then drive anhour towork. I drink coffee and sing along to 80s tunes on the commute tomotivateme for the long day ahead... MYMORNING Whilewe’ve been confined to home I like to start with a fitness session then I work on curriculummapping, respond to parent emails and send feedback for learning. I’ve also been checking over risk assessments and safety regulations sowe’re ready to receivemore children in school. LUNCHTIME I stop at 1pmfor lunch – it’s either Mexican couscous or pitta bread and taramasalata. Imay have a cheeky bag of Skips and a fewJaffaCakes for goodmeasure! MY EVENING I go for awalk to get some headspace. I tend to overthink things but this helps to refreshmymind. In the evening I drink redwine andwatch TV, then often end up dozing on the sofa! MY AFTERNOON It’s back tomy laptop to continuewhere I left off. When I’min the classroom I normallymark books until 5pm, but I never takework homewithme. I like having that divide betweenhome and school. v Career plan B? Own a dance school or become a fitness instructor. v Fave music? Upbeat songs –Madonna, Scouting For Girls, Annie Lennox, Lighthouse Family, Simply Red, Taylor Swift... v Shows you binge? Friday Night Dinner, A League of Their Own and stand-up specials fromMicky Flanagan and Jon Richardson. v Must-read books? I worked with Heidi (@hbudders) at my last school and she is an incredibly positive force. She’s great at what she does but really humble. @teachingaht NIOMI CLYDE ROBERTS IS A CLASS TEACHER AND ASSISTANT HEAD AT ST GEORGE’S C OF E PRIMARY IN COLCHESTER, ESSEX. QUICKFIRE QUESTIONS