80 | The internet is full of literacy-focused resources that tout themselves as game changing for teachers. It isn’t often that you come across a platform that actually delivers on its claims; Plazoom, however, breaks the mould somewhat in this respect – offering a full bank of literacy resources that are well designed, correlated with the curriculum and ordered in a simple, truly timesaving fashion. Plazoom is incredibly simple to navigate. The interface is intuitive and the content is accessible, regardless of it containing well over 600 resources. These are linked by helpful tags, and each activity and resource is correlated to a substrand of the curriculum, with a preview display of what’s included, making finding exactly what you’re after incredibly easy; especially as you can filter by year group. Another organisational feature I like is the concept of resource ‘collections’. Plazoom’s content is pooled into groups so that you are able to easily navigate between topics without missing any little gems. It sounds like a strange thing to say, but you get a real personal feeling from the platform – it’s genuinely user-friendly, both in terms of functionality and interaction. Of course, functionality and Outstanding literacy resources for Y1-6, created by teaching experts for the classroomand home learning AT A GLANCE Plazoom UPGRADE I F . . . You are looking for a bank of well-planned, well-thought-through literacy resources that you can download and use instantly, plus solid CPD support. If you’re pushed for time due to planning, this is a seriously credible platform from which to source content. ENGL I SH REV I EWS l A comprehensive bank of activities and resources to help develop children’s literacy skills l Designed by teachers and alignedwith research informed practice l Access to over 600 resources, 80+ CPD sessions and full coverage of the primary literacy curriculum l Resources for teachers as well as parents who are assisting with learning at home REVIEWED BY: ADAM RICHES navigation aren’t important if the content you’re looking for is no good. Luckily, the resources on Plazoom are as impressive as the site itself. Take the ‘spelling workouts’ collection, for example: the aim of the sheets are clear, they are well laid out, the desirable difficulty is perfectly balanced with gradually increasing challenge and most importantly, they are presented in a way that engages learners. This is where you really see the expertise and knowledge behind the resource creation. The extraneous load is low and the tasks are focused, using subject specific language and action words from the curriculum objectives. The complexity is present but it is subtle. This approach is used right across Plazoom’s resources for reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Very clever stuff. At £25 for a year’s full access (for a limited time only), Plazoom membership is a steal. The resources are worth their weight in gold for teachers; they will help children progress, and save hours and hours of planning time. In addition, the CPD offer – 80+ expert guides – is exceptional. The amount I have learnt that I am already considering translating to my own practice has really surprised me. VERD I CT 4 Exceptional breadth of resources that cover topics in substantial depth 4 Highly accurate content that is meticulously planned for success and progress 4 Resources based around real-life events and ideas creating high engagement 4 Sequential resource design allows for full curriculum coverage 4 Significantly reduces teacher workload 80 |