Ready for aholiday?While current circumstances make this less than likelyat themoment, jet off to thedestinationof your dreams by tasking your pupilswith the jobof creating theperfect vacation itinerary– includingplaces of interest, hotels, flights and restaurant recommendations. This lesson focuses onhumangeographyand tourismas pupils research, priceupandpitch toyour brief. It’s anengagingway to study the tourismof another locality ina real-life, purposeful context, plus travel planning is auseful real-world skill for pupils to learn. 1 | COME FLY WITH ME To introduce the concept of the lesson to pupils, begin by sharing a site such as Google Flights. Model navigating the site and how to adjust passenger numbers, dates and departure airports. From here, ask pupils to independently price up your flight requirements, working in groups of three or four. Discuss with individual groups whether they think they’ve found the best deal, and why they think that. Regroup as a class and ask each team to share what they have found for you: who has the quickest or most direct flight? Who has the cheapest flight? How did their group achieve that? This gives you the means to ensure everybody has a common date, but also serves as some formative assessment in gauging pupils’ understanding of the concept and level of support needed for the next step. 2 | THE ITINERARY Recap the children’s existing knowledge of the location you are studying and mind-map some of these ideas. What is the location famous for? What sort of things are synonymous with the location? What would somebody be expecting to eat while there? From here, give pupils a short introduction to an attractions website such as TripAdvisor. It is a good idea to work through a shared example as a whole class first, taken from their mind map of suggestions. 72 | START HERE MAIN LESSON WHAT THEY’LL LEARN l About human geography and tourism in a chosen location l Identify significant places of interest and customs of another locality l Where and how to gather geographical information Geography UKS 2 LES SON PLAN Ahead of the lesson, you’ll need to devise a brief for your imaginary holiday. Investigate possible options to help you to support pupils in the lesson, including departure and arrival airports, month of travel and holiday duration. The aim of this lesson is learning about tourism and human geography, so focus your brief on the excursions, attractions and local cuisine you want to experience. Introduce pupils to the idea that they are now travel agents. Present themwith your inquiry and ask them for their ideas about how they will respond to this. Where will they look? How will they make decisions? What do they already know? @3edmigos Let your pupils book your next holiday Coronavirus has put travel plans on hold, so let’s use our imagination instead, says Adam Jevons-Newman