Pizazz by SophyHenn (£6.99, Simon & Schuster Children’s) It’s not easy being a superhero when all you want to be is normal. Pizazz is the first book in a new series from Sophy Henn and is jam-packed with comic strips and black and white illustrations. Our reluctant protagonist, nine-year-old Pizazz, has just moved to a new town, but it’s tricky to make friends when you have a daft name, have to wear a stupid cape all the time and have a really embarrassing superpower. Author Henn is a two-time World Book Day illustrator and has been nominated in the past for the Kate Greenaway Medal and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Deftly blending humour and action, this page-turner is excellent for reluctant readers and superhero fanatics alike and features a strong female lead. For pupils who enjoy their journey into this new world, book two is set to follow next year. Every Second by Bruno Gibert (£12.99, What On Earth Books) Every second, somewhere across the globe, four babies are born, 500 pairs of shoes are sold and 8,000 scoops of ice cream are eaten. This lushly illustrated non-fiction book has a simple premise – each page documents a different jaw-dropping statistic about the incredible things that happen each and every second in our world. The clean, colourful infographics are the perfect launchpad for classroom discussions about a wide range of issues, including the environment. The statistics would also be a great jumping-off point for a maths project. How can we work out the difference between how many plastic bottles are produced and how many are recycled? What about the number of trees cut down versus the number that are planted? Mildly naughty numbers about the amount of farts produced and the weight of poo created will get your class giggling. Book CLUB We review five brand new titles that your class will love KS2 KS1 KS1/2 52 | Real Superheroes by Julia Seal (£6.99, DK) The phrase ‘key worker’ entered our collective vocabularies back at the start of the coronavirus crisis and pupils will probably have enjoyed clapping for them at 8pm on Thursdays. While they may not have capes, a loveable sidekick or the ability to fly over cities, these are the people who have been keeping us safe over the last few months. This charming picturebook from prolific author-illustrator Julia Seal features a diverse cast of characters and celebrates the brave, everyday folk who keep our world turning during difficult times. From doctors and delivery drivers to supermarket staff and – of course – teachers, this rhyming book encourages children to acknowledge and celebrate the role of key workers in our society. Use it in the classroom to encourage pupils to think about how they too can play a role in keeping themselves and others safe.