WE LCOME I t’s eerily quiet inmy house as I write this –my toddler has just returned to nursery two days a week. She’s oblivious to the pandemic of course, but, likemany children heading back to the classroom, she’s delighted to be playing with her pals again. It’s been a stressful time for teachers and school leaders as more children venture back into the classroom, although the announcement that not all pupils will be expected back before the summer will no doubt have come as a relief tomany. On page 15 of this issue, headteacher Claire Holmes reflects on howher role has radically changed since March, while teacher AdamBoxer pens a letter to anyone criticising teachers for prioritising their own and their pupils’ safety (p17). Of course, the childrenwho walked out the school gates back in springmay not be the same ones heading back to your classroom come September. Sadly, some will have witnessed abuse or relationship breakdowns, whereas others will have cherished being with their families andmay find coming back a wrench. On page 23, Ben Ballin explores how to reconnect with children, while on page 32, SENCo Sara Alston argues that focusing on the curriculum when pupils return is potentially damaging. We’ve also got plenty to take your mind off the virus. Show children how to ‘hack’ news websites and insert their own headlines (p74); make sure your science curriculum is deep dive ready (p64); and find out how a simple three-letter word can boost students’ learning (p36). I hope you have a safe and lovely summer, Hello! POWERED BY . . . DANNYNICHOLSON explores how to ensure your science curriculum is top-notch and deep dive ready “With a little advance preparation, the deep dive shouldn’t be a scary affair” p64 NIKKI GAMBLE explains how to build depth into your curriculum by combining English and history “This group of pupilswere beginning to think about the concept of subjectivity” p54 ADAMBOXER says teachers are desperate to get back to normal, but only when it’s safe to do so “Afriend toldme they cried after seeing themediacoverage teachershave received” p17 Don’t miss our next issue, on sale 28th August Elaine Elaine Bennett, Editor @editorteach | 3