We’ve teamedupwithPuffin tobring author JamieLittler directly intoyour classroom–via a freepodcast anddownloadable resources 26 | F ancy a virtual visit froma bestselling children’s writer? Luckily for you, author and illustrator Jamie Littler is ready and waiting to share his thoughts, ideas and inspirations with your budding wordsmiths, via our free literacy podcast. The experience doesn’t end there either; we’ve created some amazing free teaching resources to download at , so you can continue your reading adventure in the classroom. Inventing new fantasy worlds can be a hugely rewarding experience for primary-aged children. It allows them to exercise their imaginations and play with ideas, as well as being a great way of starting themoff with the tricky business of story writing. In this episode, Jamie talks about his adventure novel Frostheart, set in a fantasy world of snow, ice, monsters andmusic. There’s also plenty of tips for young listeners on creating their own literary worlds and never giving up their writing dreams. HO W TO USE THE PODCAST Search for ‘Author in your Classroom’ podcast wherever you listen to podcasts Play it in your classroom in one go, or in seven to tenminutes chunks Pause the recording to talk about the points being raised P P P Jamie Li t tler