Keep children abreast of current affairs by using our freeweekly resources RESOURCES FIND ALL THESE RESOURCES AND MORE AT WHAT'S INCLUDED? W e’ve teamed up with excellent current affairs magazine for children, TheWeek Junior, and a team of experienced teachers to produce creative, topical resources that you can use in your classroomor send to pupils working at home. TOPICAL TUESDAYS Each free download contains a timely news article from this week’s copy of TheWeek Junior, followed by classroom activity ideas. Kick off proceedings by reading the article and hosting a guided debate, then move on to the tasks. Each takes around ten minutes, making them perfect for writing warm-ups or homework. There’s also ideas for extending each story into a bigger project if it captures the imagination of your class. Should families be able to block organ donation? Write a pretend letter to yourself before lockdown started. Create an acrostic poem using the letters of ‘Lockdown’. Is chalking on pavements just graffiti? Should it be an offence to kill bugs? Write a diary entry about finding a tree with a tiny door in it. Pen a poem from the perspective of a tree in the city. 22 | Is it unfair that some pupils aren’t at school? Write a thank you letter to the family of an imaginary organ donor. Persuade other countries to adopt Max and Keira’s Law. Create an imaginary dialogue between a moth and a flower. Describe the difference between moths and butterflies.